In The Middle Of The Night

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I woke up in the middle of the night so scared; I heard a voice like cracks of something. I got up from my bed and went behind the door of my room. I knocked my door; I took my mobile phone and phoned my mother to come to me. My mother came, we checked together all the doors and rooms. We found them all closed. Suddenly we heard the sound again. We went to the source of the sound; we found a plastic bag moved by the wind in our balcony. We laughed, then we went to sleep again.

Omnia Abusaeda
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Golden Rose

Wait and listen
Can you hear the rhythm of life?
It’s so fast, so slow
But inside there is golden rose
Which has a special smell
Which is made of music.

It’s like a rabbit
Someone catch it
And fondles its velvet feather
Somebody doesn’t notice it
But it’s always around us.

I catch it by my piano
My precious mother show me that secret door
The secret door’s key is note
Like pieces of puzzle
When you unify the meaningless pieces
Find a mystery picture
Which is painted by you

When you push the key of piano
Something grows faster and faster in your heart
In there, there is a stick of world in your hand
When you eat a vanilla cloud

Strike me like lightning
To make me understand
The life is like a golden rose
When I smell!

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