A Post Card

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Dear Naji,

I am in Gaber Awon. I am on holiday with my friend. Gaber Aown is a beautiful city. Our hotel is very old, simple and comfortable. The people are very friendly. And The Food is fantastic, But it ̓s very expensive. Gaber Awon is a nice place .Some people said, Gaber Awon is paradise on the earth, and I think that so. The weather is horrible. It̕ s very hot. We usually go swimming in the lake.

See you soon my brother.

My regards
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My post card

Dear Asma,

I am in Germany. I am on holidays this month with my parents. Germany is a very beautiful country. The buildings are modern. The people very tall, funny and strong. The Food is fantastic and very cheap. Our hotel is comfortable. The weather is lovely.
I have two friends in Germany. Amjad and hanan. Hanan is Amjad ̓s wife. They are friendly. They have one child. His name is Mohammed. They live in munchen. Their house is far from the city centre. It is very modern. We spend great time together. We usually go shopping together in the evening.

See you soon.
I love you

Eman sannogha
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