Tripoli Medical Centre Children's Day

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thank to Akram Adam( my non biological son)for informing me of the event and introducing me to :

The doctors at the TMC Pediatric Dept.who made us as welcome as possible and did an excellent job in organizing everything.

Since my children have all grown up I feel a need inside me to help other children in whichever possible way I can. This involves great patience, care and love.
Here in Libya we celebrate Mother's and Children's Day on the 21st March .Being a wife , mother ,homemaker, teacher , taxi- driver , leading a very stressful but rewarding life ALHAMDULILAH.

So hearing about the cancer stricken children at TMC from Akram (my non-biological son ),I decided to help out with whatever we could, to make this day, a day to remember for the mothers and children at TMC.
As you can see the children's faces even when painted have such sadness that you want to hug them and tell them it'll be over soon. I asked a teenager ( Basma) the oldest of the children on the ward what she had, to which she replied Leukemia . Such a big word for a child , I hugged her and felt her pain and she knew it . I had tears in my eyes as I desperately tried to comfort her to which she said it was the wish of Allah . She introduced us to the other suffering children as she was the oldest and knew what everybody had.

At our center we collected the money needed to make this day a happy one for both mother and child. Now, how we collected is something I have to tell you all about :
You see at our center id's are a must, but our trainees have to always be reminded of wearing them . It was that the idea occurred that whoever hadn't the id on would have to pay the penalty of paying up !
So what do think happened ??? They paid up and more ! At the end of the day everybody chipped in for the children………..

In the photo you see the box which was used as a piggy bank, for the charity, being opened and the money counted……..

The children who could walk and were not on chemo currently were invited to attend in a large colourful room with decorated walls with balloons and all the trimmings. The other cancer stricken children we had to visit in their wards. I have only photographed the ones who were well enough.
Many had just been operated on their brains and were not a sight to be seen….

WE hope we have helped in making the mothers and children happy, by visiting them and feeling their pain even if only for one day.
May Allah help cure and bless them all…….
May Allah bless all who participated in which ever way they could and did not want to be mentioned.
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